Spring Cleaning


It’s that time of year again. You know, the time when you’re traditionally supposed to go around your house or apartment and sweep behind all the stuff that you never sweep behind? We know it sucks, and there’s no worse justification for doing sucky things than because it’s tradition, so we’ve compiled a list of actually good reasons to do a deep clean.

1. Because you don’t want to look like a lazy slob when you bring that special someone home after a first date. You’re trying to find someone who you might one day share a house with. The last thing you want is for your house to scream I can’t maintain a household. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

2. Because you don’t want to look like a lazy slob when you bring anyone home after going anywhere. People judge you, especially if you have pizza boxes and used tissues lying around the loft. Who wants to hang out with that guy?

3. Because you want good rental references, and you want to see your security deposit again. That was a lot of scratch you put up to say I won’t trash the place. Don’t trash the place. Nobody is going to rent a house or apartment to a known trasher-of-places.

4. Because you want people to actually rent your house, apartment or loft. Who wants to move into a place that’s already dirty? People with low standards. You want renters with high standards. Renters that won’t fill your apartment with pizza boxes and used tissues.

5. Because you could use the space. Turn your garage into a workshop or studio. Turn your basement into a brewery. As a landlord, it’ll make your property more attractive to potential renters. As a renter, it’ll help you get as much value as you can out of the space you’re paying for, and you can better yourself via an interesting hobby or pastime

6. Because it just feels good. Entropy is the natural state of the universe, and to be human is to impose your own tiny bubble of order upon it. As the philosopher Rene Descartes  once said: my apartment is clean, therefore I am. Or something like that.

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