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Go green!

Hey there all you renters, landlords, property owners and property managers. Today at Home Town Rent we will talk about plants. They are, without any doubt, beautiful and allow us to decorate the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Their scent is also very good for the house environment to be much more enjoyable. However, the most important thing about them is that they generate oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, just like trees. When plants are placed indoor they help purify the air by absorbing contaminants and gases.

In 1989, NASA conducted a study to determine the most appropriate plants to achieve this mission in an enclosed space. Here we present the top 5 plants according to Bill Wolverton, principal author of the research.

  1. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
  2. Spath or Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum)
  3. The Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa)
  4.  Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata)
  5.  Rubber bush (Ficus robusta)

How can Pothos help at home?

This plant has the capacity to clean and maintain the air of the place where it is completely renovated. Pothos remove, for example, substances found in furniture made of wood. Another benefit that Pothos offers is that it helps eliminate odors.

How can Peace Lilies help at home?

This species is capable of absorbing electromagnetic waves that can be generated by various appliances like TV, our mobile or the microwave. In addition, the Spathiphyllum is one of the best air filters.

How can The Lady Palm help at home?

This palm can be inside and outside, however inside the house or condo, it can eliminate harmful gases in the air such as ammonia and other volatile organic compounds that are harmful to our health.

How can Mother-in-law’s tongue help at home?

The mother-in-law’s tongue has a wonderful function inside our house, condominium or duplex; while you sleep, the Sansevieria trifasciata is responsible for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and you use its medicinal properties in tea.

How can Rubber bush help at home?

It is effective in removing formaldehyde from the air that can come from the tailpipe emissions from cars, and prevent us from burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat; cough; nausea and skin irritation.

These plants apart from making your home look fresher and more radiant, they have an immense benefit to your health so do not hesitate to get one, and if you have a small house, an apartment or duplex, you have no excuse because these plants are small and perfect for interiors.

Go Green!

Installations That Will Outlast Even the Worst Renter

Hey there all you renters, landlords, property owners and property managers. This week we’ve got a special guest for you! Our friend and contributer Amanda has recently had her own experience getting a property ready for rent, and she’s back with more solid advice for any owners, property owners or property managers in a similar situation. Peep game:


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. These are words that I live by,  and words which every landlord should too. Preventing damage from occurring in the first place will always be cheaper than attempting to repair it after the fact. Of course, this doesn’t hold true for every item in a rental, so you need to know where to spend your money to get the most value for your investment.

Install the Right Electrical Fixtures

Electrical fixtures, from lights to wall plates, are easily damaged by careless renters. This is not the place to go with upscale, delicate items if you’re renting out. Consider instead tamper-resistant fixtures and materials that can hold up to both intentional and unintentional impact, and can save you from any electrical accidents in the future. Everything from lights to wall plates can be purchased with a “tamper-proof” security device. Go with lights that have metal reinforcement, wall plates that require special tools to remove and install, and switches made out of something other than brittle plastic. Though these items may cost a little more, they are likely to pay for themselves in terms of material and time spent on fixing damaged electrical items.


Good windows will save money in two ways. First, they lower utility bills. If you include utilities in the cost of your rental, which can make the property all the more appealing, then you want to save every penny you can and go with energy efficient styles. More important than utilities, however, is durability. While some windows will crack if you look at them wrong, others are tested to withstand the direct impact of a 2×4 traveling at 30 miles per hour. It would be hard for all but the most determined tenant to break the latter window. Given that a single window can cost upwards of $400, before installation, you want to avoid having to replace them at all costs. According to Nationwide Window, invest in and take proper care of vinyl windows for durability, low maintenance, and efficiency so that you don’t have to think about them again… ever.


Drywall is probably the most frequently damaged item in any apartment. Sometimes it is damaged by accident and sometimes it gets damaged on purpose by a disgruntled renter. You can use the cheapest drywall on the market if you think that drywall will be damaged no matter how much you invest, so you might as well spend as little as possible and expect to do extensive repairs. This means that drywall repair is perennially on your to-do list, which can sap energy from other projects. Or you can go with the drywall philosophy that argues that wall materials can be made to withstand more than most people think if invested in properly. For instance, 5/8″ drywall will hold up a whole lot better than ½” or ¼” drywall. If you really want a durable covering, go with plaster, which is as hard as a rock when done right and easier to patch if it does get damaged. It also has more finished appeal, that could attract a better clientele. At the very least, plaster should stand up to dozens of tenants for decades, with little more than a fresh coat of paint now and again.

The Nitty-Gritty

When renting a unit, the first thing you need to think about is protecting your investment. Remember that not all damage is the result of intentional acts. In fact, most damage results from simple daily use. Floors, for instance, are a high-traffic item that can wear out quickly. Remember, there are two types of homes – shoes on or shoes off. Obviously carpeting shouldn’t be avoided if at all possible. Consider that solid products are much more durable than laminates and the cheaper items almost never hold up. Laminates may be cheap to install and look good for a few years, but they will quickly deteriorate, especially if your tenant doesn’t keep them clean. Cheap floor coverings generally won’t last through one tenant, let alone dozens. You don’t have to install the most expensive items on the market, but you should be willing to pay more for durability when it can mean a difference to your bottom line over the years. Simply put, rentals may seem like a place where going cheap makes sense, but going cheap means putting in a lot more ongoing maintenance rather than sitting back and letting your investment pay for itself. Spend upfront to avoid spending more down the line. Don’t forget that the cost of materials and maintenance goes up over time as well, so doing things right the first time around is almost always your best bet.


Thanks Amanda! Solid advice! Good luck with your rental remodel, though it sounds like you’re making sure you won’t need it. Let us know how everything goes!

Do you have rental questions of your own? Comments? Concerns? Love letters? Hate mail? Hit us up: Hometownrant@hometownrent.com


Making Your Bedroom Extraordinary

After a tiring day at work, everyone wants to return to a home that is comfortable and attractive. A bedroom is especially important, because if it is messy you will feel no enthusiasm when entering it. However, if a bedroom is attractive you will enjoy yourself when you enter the room, and your feeling of tiredness will vanish the moment you step into it.

So how do you make your bedroom attractive?

  • Add an interesting piece of art that you really admire. It will lift your mood the moment you see it.
  • Try to color coordinate between your bed covers and wall paper/ color.
  • Add simple decorative items on the walls.
  • Incorporate the things you like in your bedroom, and display your personal side.
  • Make sure that the pillows and comforter you use are comforting, so you can snuggle in between the covers.

For more tips, visit http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/decorating/bedroom/decorating-tricks-bedroom-00000000017540/index.html

Give Your Home an Expensive Look

Have you ever wanted to make your home look expensive without having to spend big bucks on it? If so, then here are a few tips to help you do just that.

  • Give your home a sophisticated look. Use silver color in your decorations instead of gold.
  • Instead of using carpets, add a modern look by using vinyl for your flooring.
  • Flowers always add a welcoming look to a home, so make sure to include flowers as decorations.
  • Use white as background and add colored décor pieces to make it look attractive and invigorating.
  • Get rid of that extra clutter present in your room, keep it prim and proper, and clean regularly. You’d be surprised at how expensive a home can look when given proper attention.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find more detail about simple ways to make you home look expensive at http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/5-cheap-ways-to-make-your-room-look-expensive5.htm

How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

HTR101713Bathrooms can often be the smallest room in the house despite being the ones that are most frequently used. If you’re looking to relax in the shower or soak in the tub, it’s just not possible if you’re in a gloomy, confined place. Since rebuilding is rather out of the question and budget, at times small, you sometimes have to live with the bathroom as is. With the help of the following tips, you can easily make some small changes that can make your small bathroom look roomier and more spacious for yourself:

Playing With Colors

Some colors can have a cooling effect while some are meant to add more warmth to a room. Luckily, you can even mix and match colors to help give you the illusion of more space. Choose a color scheme that utilizes, pastel shades or pale colors. Use them in a monochromatic color scheme to get the most out of your chosen color scheme.


Having a sink with a vanity is the norm but it also happens to take up a lot of space. Switching to something smaller, like a pedestal sink, will give you more space in your bathroom. If you feel you absolutely must have a vanity, then choose the new floating vanity look. They lend an aura of spaciousness to the bathroom while providing the same functionality that a normal vanity would provide.

For more information and tips on making your bathroom look spacious, take a look at the tips discussed here: http://www.granitetransformations.com/blog/3870/how-to-make-the-most-out-of-a-small-bathroom-space/

Creative Hide-Away Storage Ideas

HTR101413When living in a small apartment, making the most out of your given space should be your main aim. While you can easily choose to live in an obstacle course of mess and furniture, keeping the house’s interior minimalistic and de-cluttered can help to give the illusion of more space. If you’re interested, here are a few ideas that you can try out in your apartment:

Kitchen Booth Shelf

Kitchens often have the most things to organize and store. This often means you can only store half of the stuff you unpacked in the kitchen and then find places for the rest of the crockery and cutlery. Luckily with help of a small kitchen booth shelf, you can store your entire cutlery in the kitchen, without diminishing the space. When not in use, just flip the lid down and use it as a seat!

Hide Away Vertical Shelves

If you’re not too keen on the kitchen booth idea, then you can utilize something which is more commonly available everywhere. With these dead spaces, you can’t really do anything so they make perfect nooks for things such as a pull out vertical shelf. The vertical shelf may be too narrow to store large items but you can easily put away jars, bottles and other knick-knacks that are just lying around.

Furthermore, if you’re a landlord, you’ll find that having storage friendly hide-away places can also make the apartment greatly desirable for renters.

If you’re interested and would like to look up more ideas, check out this link: http://www.homedesigninstyle.com/12-ingenious-hideaway-storage-ideas-for-small-spaces

Making Minor Makeovers on a Budget

HTR101213Oftentimes, people who are renting their apartment might want to give it a makeover. After all, everyone likes his or her individuality to stand out and think outside of the box.

Nonetheless, when renting, you might not only be on a budget but you’ll also be constrained by the limitations that your landlord will probably have imposed regarding the building. However, here are a few tips that can help you give the place a minor makeover:

Recycle, Refurbish

When you’re looking to add something new to your place, take a look at the junk you already have. What you might think is not usable might actually turn out to be extremely useful. For example: if you have a bunch of suitcases that you don’t use, don’t throw them away.

Open them up and stuff both sides with large floor pillows. You can now use it as a doggy bed or a convenient floor cushion/sofa.

Lighting Your Mood Up

Lighting is the best way that you can brighten up a place and make it cozy for you. You don’t always need access to good lighting though. You can introduce lamps to your room and place them strategically for optimum lighting.

For more home decoration ideas, have a look at the ideas in this link: http://www.free-home-decorating-ideas.com/apartment-decorating.html

Sprucing Up the Place with Minimum Changes

HTR100513When it feels like you’re tired of the color scheme of your apartment, you might be tempted to paint the apartment in your favorite colors. Unfortunately, your landlord might not be such a fan of that idea so you may have some problems getting approval for such a makeover. On the other hand, you can bring a splash of color to the place with the help of the following simple methods:

DIY Flower Vases

Everyone loves flowers. They add a pop of color to the place and make things bright and cheery. However, if you keep them in a dull vase, they can tend to loose their vibrancy. Take some simple mason jars, strips of fabric and ribbons and you can give your flowers a vase that compliments their colors.

Wall Paper Table Runners

You can use strips of wallpaper to serve as a table runner and decorate your table for parties with unique patterns. The width and length of one strip of wallpaper is the perfect size if you place them on the center of the table. With no need for cutting, sewing or gluing to adjust them, you can choose from various designs and make each party unique every time.

For more tips on how to spruce up your place, check out this link: http://www.bellemaison23.com/search/label/DIY

Living without a Closet

Finding a place to live in that’s comfortable and secure is really a huge deal these days. And once you’ve got yourself an apartment that provides you with these things, it becomes quite easy to overlook the smaller things, e.g. the absence of a closet (IF of course you’re not obsessed with hoarding stuff and can’t live without a proper closet).

Not having a closet can’t be much of a problem if you’ve got other things in the apartment that make up for this deficiency. For example, your apartment may not have a closet but does have a great view and is equipped with the latest amenities that are required for modern living plus a great kitchen and much more.  With all these benefits, you can easily overlook and simply do one thing, i.e. improvise!

You can always use cupboards and storage containers for storing your precious items and clothing. Also, hanging rods are quite convenient when you have little space to hang your sporting equipment among other things. This way, you’ll be able to create ample space for stuff that you use on a regular basis and protect your belongings from possible wear and tear.

For more ideas on closet-less living, visit http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/no-closet-no-problem-10-fixes-for-apartments-with-no-closet-renters-solutions-167781.

Renovating Rental Property for Maximum Profits

People are always looking for a place to rent that feature all the necessary amenities that would allow them to get through each day comfortably. But, what most people don’t know is that when provided with extra comfort or benefits, tenants are willing to pay a much higher rent than they’re supposed to.

Now, you must be thinking, “Yeah right! As if people are crazy enough to fall for this gig!” Well, they may not be crazy but there are some individuals who seek mental and physical comfort more than anything else. And so, they’re willing to pay the extra buck even if it means succumbing to the landlord’s wishes.

And how does this happen? Just one word, “Renovation”! Yes, simple renovation procedures can really earn you more than an average landlord would think about receiving. And all you need to do is throw a little paint here and get some new fixtures there and viola! You’re ready to rent someone the property of his or her dreams! Though, you mustn’t forget that providing them with basic amenities is also a must.

For more information on rental property renovation, log onto http://www.ehow.com/how_5543705_renovate-rental-property-higher-profit.html.