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Turkey Days

Hey there all you renters, landlords, property owners and managers. That special time of year is coming up again. You know, the one where your whole extended family comes over for a few days and trashes the place? That’s right. It’s almost thanksgiving, and whether you’re the lucky host or one of the in-law horde come to feast, the Hometown Rant has the guide for you.

As renters, only agree to host a huge thanksgiving dinner if you have enough space in your rental property. A tiny studio apartment probably won’t cut it if you have more than a few cousins bringing their families too. The ideal property for a good thanksgiving is a house with a big kitchen and a big dining room, so keep that in mind when planning, though if you haven’t started making plans yet you should probably get on that, or risk spending thanksgiving alone with one of these. Please, please don’t do that.

Likewise, if people are actually sleeping over in your house, apartment or condo, make sure that you have the space to accommodate them. The point of thanksgiving is to see your family and catch up, not to grow to hate them and share the flu over a several day period. It’s tough, but you may have create a hierarchy within your family to decide who gets beds. Don’t be afraid to ask your third cousin and ex-step uncle to get hotel rooms if you just don’t have the space.

Cooking the meal itself is a whole ‘nother animal as well, or two more if you’re making a turducken. If you’re the type of family where everyone considers themselves a master chef, you’re going to want to communicate between people so you all have the space and time to make the dishes you want, and so you don’t end up with four different stuffing dishes and no pie. That’s how dinner table fights start.

Also, if you’re a true American hell bent on deep frying your turkey (which for the record we absolutely endorse) please, for the love of god, do it outside. Every year there are families that watch their rental property go up in a huge grease fire instead of eating a delicious meal. Don’t be those guys. Fry safe, and make sure to dispose of your oil properly afterwards.

As a landlord or property manager, you should keep in mind that many of your tenants will have people coming to stay, and remind them of any rules pertinent to the property. For instance, if the number of parking spaces at your property is limited, or if you live in an apartment or condo with designated spaces in a communal lot, you should make it clear that it won’t work to have an armada of guests clogging up the whole street.

Above all else though, take the time to appreciate the people around you and the home that you have, even if you’ve traveled from it to be somewhere else. And if you need any reminding of what it’s all about, just watch this.

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