Interviewing the Landlord

Before you think about renting a property and moving into a nice neighborhood, stop and think about the place for a while. It often happens that people who wish to rent a place are so amazed by the exterior décor and finishing that they forget to question the landlord about the property.

Surely, the landlord does his or her bit on questioning you but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to do the same. Not asking the landlord about the property can really land you in hot water once you’re settled. You can always encounter leaky plumbing that doesn’t let you sleep at night or some other issue with flooring that can cause squeaky sounds whenever someone walks on it.

Thus, to avoid regretting your renting decision and wasting your hard-earned money over some nasty bedroom unit, you should muster up enough courage at the right time and talk to your landlord prior to making the initial payment.

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  1. Intuon

    If the owner of the house received a Notice of Default it will state when the house will be sold. At that time the new owner will dedcie if he will let you stay or if you have to move. You are still legally responsible to turn over your rent payments to the landlord. It’s up to him to pay the money to the lender. Right now that will keep you out of hot water as well. There are plenty of rentals you just have to get out there and look. If you want your security deposit back you will have to take him to small claims court but remember that the judge has to consider the foreclosure as well. Your best bet is to start looking for another place and not wait until the new owner tries to contact you. The old landlord may tell them that you haven’t paid rent or something worse so steer clear of everything.References : 16 yrs real estateTitle & EscrowLoans Was this answer helpful?

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