Laminate vs. Harwood Flooring for Rental Property

Wood flooring is probably one of the most sought after amenities in a rental home. Though wood is timeless and beautiful along with having a natural appearance, using it for flooring purposes on your rental property may require some thought before any action is taken.  That’s because there’s another popular option of flooring that is known as lamination.

When renting out your property, you can use both options for changing the flooring of your of home. While lamination provides a good clean look to your floor every now and then it will need to be replaced (due to its low pricing), wood doesn’t need to be replaced very often as a little buffing and polishing will make it look better than ever.

Thus, the key facts that you need to consider before opting for a particular type of flooring are price, durability, and repair. Comparing these factors can help you reach a decision quite easily.

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10 thoughts on “Laminate vs. Harwood Flooring for Rental Property

  1. Muthu

    a sub-floor is a good idea. Check out sub-floor products at local budiilng supply store. Drycore is one brand name for sub-floors made to go over concrete. No, the sub-floor isn’t thick enough to install a nail-down floor nails will hit the concrete. There is click-together hardwood, similar to laminate that would work or you could glue down.

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