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Things to Consider During Rental Inspection

Landlords tend to hide the faults of their rental properties, hoping to find good tenants for it. However, as tenant, there are a number of things you need to inspect before renting a property. Some of these are:

  • Checking for Bug Infestations; as closed homes can often become an abode for these annoying little critters.
  • Checking for Availability of Water; because unclean water and leaky faucets can be a big problem for tenants later.
  • Checking Doors, Windows and Locks; to ensure that each of them open and close perfectly.
  • Checking the Home Appliances; items like stoves, oven and refrigerator, etc.

Most homes are rented on a yearly basis, so your careful inspection is needed to ensure that you rent the best home possible. For more information on what to check before renting a property, go to